Hi! Welcome to Studio Bone a design
studio based in Delhi, India

Here at Studio Bone we are all about reinventing our client's businesses. But, before that we have to take these steps to create the perfect fit for them:

1. Dream

First we have to dream. To create the best brand for you we have to think of something no one else would.

2. Imagine

Second comes the imagining. We let our imagination run wild to create the best we can for you.

3. Invent

Inventing comes third. We have to give each of our clients something different, something no one else has.

4. Design

Lastly we design. At this point we work with you to create something customised to you, and let you have a say in the final product.

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Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT)

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The logos that we designed for our clients recently.

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